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Our Exciting Journey At The 134th Canton Fair

As a professional metal shed design and construction company, we were honored to participate in the 134th Canton Fair this year, and had in-depth exchanges and cooperation with buyers and counterparts from all over the world, and achieved good results. Here, we would like to share with you some of our experiences and gains in the Canton Fair.

First of all

We believe that Canton Fair is an efficient trade platform to show the highest level and the latest achievements of China’s economic development, industrial development and product upgrading, and it is also an excellent opportunity to understand the international market demand, grasp the industry dynamics, and find partners.

We displayed our garden room products at the Canton Fair, which attracted the attention and inquiries of many domestic and foreign buyers. We showed our product advantages, design concepts, construction techniques, etc. to our customers. We also had in-depth exchanges and learning with industry experts, peers, governmental organizations, etc., to understand the development trend, market demand, policy support and other information of the domestic and foreign garden room industry.

Canton Fair


We believe that Canton Fair is an important platform to enhance brand image, strengthen market competitiveness and expand business channels.

We made full use of our own brand advantages and technical advantages at the Canton Fair, highlighting the features of our garden house products in terms of low density, high greening, comfort, privacy, etc., and won the trust and praise of our customers.

We reached preliminary cooperation intentions with many domestic and foreign high-quality enterprises at the Canton Fair, expanding our business channels and market share.

Canton Fair

All in all

We believe that participating in the 134th Canton Fair is a very meaningful and valuable experience, we not only displayed our garden house products, but also learned the latest developments of the garden house industry at home and abroad, enhanced our brand image and market competitiveness, expanded our business channels and market share, and promoted our international trade development and opening-up level.

We are grateful to the organizers and contractors of the Canton Fair for providing us with such a high-quality platform for displaying exchanges and cooperation, as well as to our customers and partners for their support and trust in us. We are looking forward to meeting you all again at the next Canton Fair to create a better future together!

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